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Advise for effective trapping foxes

  • Spool the snare with hot water before using. Attention! The snare must dry after so you avoid condense in the rear. Don´t ever touch the equipment with bare hands after the spool.
  • Use clean gloves.
  • Rub the snare easy with spruce-sticks.
  • Put the snare at right angles from the track.
  • Use the spoon to form the track.
  • Put some spruce-sticks on the rear.
  • Smooth over carefully so it looks not touched.

Advice for effective capture with the Lulesnaran

Choose a spot where you know the fox often pass. A forest-grove by a brook or a lakeshore is to prefer. Start early in the autumn with the fox lure (slaughter-garbage).

Make a ski-track about 100-200 metres round the lure and let the foxes get used to the ski-track. Of course the foxes can be trapped without a lure where there are good beaten tracks.

When the snow has come and the fox leave good tracks is it time to place out the snare. Before you go out you spool the snare with hot water. Let it dry so that there will be no condense in the rear.

4.6 snares at each lure is suitable. It is good if you have clean clothes when you work with the snare. When you find a good track, a track that have been used several times you put the snare 10-20 metres from the ski-track, preferably on the outside. Cut out the track with the spade but dont make it any wider than the plate.

Take a spoon and make it as deep as possible 10-20 cm along the track. If the track should fall apart and become wider than the plate you must take the spoon and fill up snow where the plate shall be.

When there is little snow, you must use an axe to cut out in the ground under the plate. At least 5 cm deep. Put down the snare from above. Cover with snow and make a new track. A fox-tail is good when you polich so it looks untouched. Make it look good a few metres from the snare.


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